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Real estate analytics that drives decisions

Where proprietary data and on the ground experience converge

The Mark Company provides our developer clients with the tools, guidance and strategies they need to outperform the competition in the real estate markets of today and tomorrow. Our expert analytics team combines on-the-ground experience with innovative reporting tools and proprietary data to offer the ultimate combination of complex quantitative and qualitative market research. This approach allows us to uncover valuable real estate trends in pricing, inventory and buyer preferences that inform smart decision-making.

How we use our data

Whether evaluating a potential deal or mitigating risk in a competitive market, an intelligent and impactful real estate strategy starts with complete and accurate marketplace and buyer data. Our analytics highlights include customized market reports, comprehensive pricing models, pipeline summaries and ongoing buyer profiles to track who is buying and why. Smarter real estate starts by empowering our clients with the tools necessary to swiftly and successfully navigate the market.

Analytics-driven strategies

The Mark Company’s methodical approach to analytics is a crucial component of The Mark Method. Compelling and accurate analytics provide the foundation for our strategies. It allows us to steer design elements to meet buyer expectations, deliver proven real estate marketing strategies and execute impactful sales tactics.

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