Experts in successful condominium conversions

Delivering go-to-marketing strategy that supports developer client goals

The Mark Company is the industry’s dominant force behind rental to condominium conversions. Our experienced sales and marketing teams have overseen some of the industry’s largest and most complex condominium conversions. We apply best practices with a strong understanding of conversion nuances to deliver a smooth process and profitable results for our developer clients.

No real estate marketing and sales firm has overseen more successful condominium conversions than The Mark Company. Our proprietary, three-phase program creates a strategic map for developers in the decision-making stage or for those ready to market and sell.


Project Assessment

Critical to a smooth conversion, we first focus on assessing economic viability, identifying and addressing legal obligations, overcoming hurdles of buyer financing and mapping out regulatory timing. We take the time to understand the property and use our expertise to advise on all potential roadblocks and outcomes.


Strategy Planning

Go-to-market planning includes establishing presale requirements, rent roll and lease assessment, tenant communication and brand development including the creation of all outreach materials and merchandising. We customize our approach to every project and market, ensuring that all decisions around product improvements, marketing programming and sales strategy support client-driven objectives.



This is the last and most critical phase. During implementation, marketing is executed and sales are launched to both brokers and buyers. Our sales approach includes comprehensive tenant communication plans, smart unit releases and ongoing analysis of market conditions to ensure that we’re hitting the market at the right time with the right tools.

Learn more about one of our most successful condominium conversions: Bridgewater in Emeryville.


To learn about how we will apply our proprietary three-phase program to your condominium conversion, contact us today.