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Real estate sales and marketing strategies

Superior sales processes, technologies and teams

The Mark Company understands that every decision made during the analytics, design and marketing phases culminates in the moment when the sales agent greets the prospective buyer. We work diligently to provide industry-leading sales environments and teams. The Mark Method combines analytics, design, marketing and sales to deliver exceptional home buying experiences that maximize return on investment for our developer clients.

Our sales philosophy

Sophisticated sales and marketing strategies combine tactical unit release plans with pricing models that take into account data analytics and qualitative analysis. When deftly handled, the pace of a development’s release motivates demand, controls inventory and leads to optimized profits. Our skillful sales teams have access to a wide range of enhanced tools that ensure a seamless sales process. A critical component to our methodology is eMark. This proprietary online technology platform bridges the escrow processing and prospect management workings of our sales process to create a secure, centralized portal for our sales and marketing teams to manage leads, track escrows and demonstrate measurable results for our projects through compelling analytical tools.

Top sales teams

Our sales teams lead the field in terms of training and performance. We offer a competitive compensation structure and a superior reputation that attracts the best talent and leads to the highest shop scores in the nation. A smart combination of highly-skilled experts, proprietary training programs focused on lead management and prospect closing and our advanced eMark technology platform combine to deliver market-leading returns.

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