Spotlight Project Director John Pallante
December 28, 2015

Team Spotlight: John Pallante

A Project Director's take on design

As one of the four components to The Mark Method, design plays a critical role in positioning new condominiums for success in the marketplace. From unit finishes to amenity programming, our industry experts deliver key insight into buyer and market trends that drives design decisions and future sales achievements.

The Mark Company is pleased to introduce our very first Team Spotlight featuring Project Director, John Pallante. Since joining The Mark Company in 2014, John has managed some of our most high profile residential developments in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A seasoned real estate marketing professional, John crafts and oversees the execution of comprehensive sales and marketing programs designed to achieve client-driven pricing and absorption goals. With wide-ranging experience in all aspects of real estate, he excels at realizing the greatest value for all types of residential and mixed use developments.

We sat down with John to talk about what ignited his passion for real estate marketing, his current design obsessions and the lasting impressions he’s making at The Mark Company. Find out what design means to John.

Tell me about your background. How did you get into real estate marketing?

I was about 13 when I started making my parents take me to new suburban developments so I could walk the model homes and get all the collateral. It was then and there that a passion was ignited. That was well over 20 years ago now. Ever since then, I’ve focused on new residential development. I started my academic career in architecture before stumbling upon urban planning – there’s where I found a real connection.  The scale and big picture ideas behind urban planning spoke to me in a way the technical side of architecture did not.

That inquiry lead me to grad school in New York. I joined Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group shortly after graduation and that’s where I cut my teeth.  I learned not only about all the facets of residential marketing and sales, but really honed by love and expertise in architecture and design. I ended up in a research role that focused on the financial fundamentals of a project and the market. From there, I’m moved west to Los Angeles and led the new development efforts at The Agency, including the sales and marketing of The Carlyle Residences along the Wilshire Corridor. This multidimensional experience and expertise really shaped the way I look at a project. I’m always considering the four schools of this world – analytics, design, marketing and the end goal of sales.

Where do you find your design inspiration? Do you have a favorite building/designer/architect?

I strive to find design inspiration in the everyday, but mostly in art. I’ve been going to Art Basel in Miami Beach for seven years. Art is a phenomenal outlet to find inspiration. We recently partnered with Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles at SL70. They have several Shepard Fairey collaborations that are really inspiring – edgy and fresh, yet refined. I have one with Kai & Sunny that is sparkly and sexy, but another artist they represent who is really quite complex is Cleon Peterson. I first saw his work years ago at Joshua Liner in New York. Really moving pieces.

My current design obsessions include Kerry Joyce, who we’re working with at Turnberry Towers to re-imagine the common areas, units and model homes. I’m also a big fan of Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects in Los Angeles. They’ve redefined urban living in that city and continue to do so. Their Habitat 825 project on Kings Road, now seven years old, considered and complimented the seminal Schindler House next door.

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What is your favorite current design trend? Least favorite?

I’m really opinionated about the look and feel of kitchens, as well as their function. I’m a big fan of integrated appliances, especially for open kitchens. It provides a clean aesthetic and higher-end feel with the right millwork. I don’t cook at all and appreciate a kitchen that acts as furniture. However my husband is a gourmet, so I’m equally focused on the layout of the appliances and the sought-after Golden Triangle for optimal cooking.

I follow trends across the country and recently toured some suburban product in Summerlin outside of Las Vegas, as well as in Orange County. I am starting to fear the kitchen is taking over the floor plan in some single-family residences. You see these huge islands, or even double islands, that swallow the whole space – I think we’ll see a backlash to that in a decade.  It’ll be the next Formica.

What do you like most about what you do at The Mark Company?

As a Project Director, you really act as the composer for these projects. You need to make sure all the elements and players add up to create a beautiful symphony. We are leading the design and branding of not only people’s homes but of permanent structures that will have lasting impressions on the built landscape that will be here much longer than any of us.

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